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A JLG owned company, Lull manufactures the most versatile machines of their type in the industry.

All current production models have the same quick disconnect allowing simple connection to a multitude of attachments, and 7' 11" overall stowed height. The outside turning radius of 12' 3" is one of the tightest in the industry.

The entire LULL product line utilizes the same spacious operator's compartment which is ROPS (meets or exceeds roll over protection standard) and FOPS (meets or exceeds falling objects standard) certified. And all LULL models carry our "Blue Ribbon Warranty", 1 year on everything -parts and labor, 2 years on the drive train, 3 years on the weldments, and 4 years on the transfer carriage. All current production models also employ a rear axle stabilization system. Lull's rear axle is locked anytime the operator elevates the boom above forty degrees. When the rear axle locks the machine is placed in a four point stability stance away from the traditional three point stance. When a telescopic handler is in a four point stance it is much more difficult to tip the machine over.

Lull has always believed that downtime is the contractors biggest enemy. Therefore, with the production of their forklift models, Lull has not forgotten to design in serviceability. While mechanics could still be removing metal to reach a problem with a competitive product, the chances are very good that the LULL product with designed in serviceability is back in the hands of the operator and making money.

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