RMS Rentals - Product Support

Road Machinery & Supplies Co. has an excellent reputation for providing outstanding product support. RMS maintains that quality products can be sold, but relationships are built with service. That philosophy can be seen in RMS' network of eleven branch operations, its field service capability and its commitment to service training.

RMS employs 80 mechanics and has 40 field service trucks ready to respond to customer needs. Each branch has 24 hour service capability, and RMS employs four resident mechanics in areas without branch locations.

RMS inventories over $5 million of parts, including 50,000 line items. In 1997, RMS was recognized for its excellence in inventory control, when it was appointed a "Premier Partner" by Komatsu. RMS was the fourth dealer in the U.S. to have achieved the national standards established by Komatsu for the program.

RMS maintains excellent service records on all company and customer equipment serviced by RMS. This serves to expedite troubleshooting and assist in the sale of used equipment.